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About Community Service Help

Our program is specifically designed to help Las Vegas and surrounding area residents complete their court ordered community service. Our program is entirely based on education and is flexible enough to work around peoples schedules. In today's economic recession it's extremely important that at-risk members of our communities keep their jobs and their lives on track or they could end up back in the system.

Las Vegas Community Service's partner charities work very hard to provide a positive educational program to help rehabilitate those that have made mistakes and get them back on track towards a brighter future. Las Vegas Community Service truly believes that by taking an active approach and dedicating volunteer hours to education will benefit the offender and their community better then any other alternative.

As we all know, the lower the education level of an individual, the more likely they are to become a criminal. By providing offenders with an outlet to educate themselves Las Vegas Community Service is providing a valuable long term solution to help the offenders community become a safer and more prosperous place.

The skills offenders learn in our program they can take with them for the rest of they lives and use to get new jobs and create new opportunities for them to advance in social stature. These new skills and the new knowledge they gain will make them statistically less likely to end up back in the system. Our program is a real long term solution to the temporary band-aid that is traditional community service.

We Will Save You Money

Community service can be more expensive then you would have ever imagined. With the gas for driving back and forth from your volunteer site, babysitting for your kids, and huge amounts of missed work, or even losing your job can add up to be a small fortune. Las Vegas Community Service does not want to see these hardships hurt your family life. While traditional community service does not usually require an up front fee, all the hidden costs can make it extremely expensive.

Jane was ordered to perform 90 hours of community service. After we added up all of her potential expenses we determined that her 90 hours would end up costing here almost $1700! She decided to use our service, got her hours done fast and got back to her family and life.

Don't make a costly mistake! Register for Las Vegas Community Service now!

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